Conditions of Use of BCT Vehicles

Driverís/Hirerís Responsibilities:

1. Drivers must have taken the Community Transport MiDAS driving assessment.

2. Only registered drivers may drive.

3. Drivers are responsible for the following checks before moving off and ensuring levels are maintained.

    *Check Levels of :-Coolant, Oil and Fuel.

    *Check Conditions of :-Tyres.

    *Check Cleanliness of :-The Vehicles inside and out.

    *Note and Report :-All faults found or suspected.

    *Must Leave :- All Seatbelts tidied and connected or reported if not working.

4. Drivers are to ensure vehicles are returned in a clean and tidy condition, topped up with fuel, locked up and in their correct parking place. There are NO parking spaces available for use by non BCT staff members, unless authorised by BCT management.

5. Drivers are to complete a vehicle log sheet and hand in to the transport office at the end of the trip, or post it through the letterbox if outside working hours

6. Fuel may be obtained from Morrisonís Petrol Station on the BCT Account, a receipt must be obtained and mileage given. If you must purchase Fuel elsewhere hand in the receipt and the cost will be deducted from Group Bill.

7. Fuel Types. All minibuses currently use DIESEL.

8. Minibus Act. The fleet vehicles are subject to and confirm with the conditions of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) regulations.

9. Documentation. Registration, Insurance, MOT, Recovery and other relevant documents are held in the Community Transport Office at Chute House.


11. Vehicle bookings are always at the discretion of Community Transport. A  Fee of £25 will be charged for cancellation of bookings with less than 24 hours notice

12. Vehicles are not to be taken beyond the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Boundaries without the prior permission of the Transport Officer, Basingstoke Community Transport.

13. In the event of a breakdown inform Basingstoke Community Transport as soon as possible using the office phone number or if the breakdown is out of office hours then use the emergency phone number also displayed on the front of the Log Sheet.

14. Accidents, no matter how trivial and whether damage was caused or not, MUST be reported to Basingstoke Community Transport and an accident report completed. Organisations own drivers involved in an accident are responsible for the first £100 of any claim

15. Collection of Keys.

        For daily use, Pick up when collecting your vehicle

        Evening use, Pick up by 1300 hrs on day of use

        Weekends/Bank Holidays use, Pick up by 13:00hrs on the last working day prior to use

16. A copy of your driving licence and MIDAS certificate will be required to be seen/copied by the transport office each time you use the vehicle

17. Driver check sheet, Record of use sheet and keys should be handed into the transport office on your return. If vehicle is returned out of normal working hours, bank holidays or weekends, please post these plus any fuel receipts through the letter box at the side of the building

18. Drivers are responsible for their passengers and their behaviour as well as their driving. Basingstoke Community Transport reserves the right to refuse the use of vehicles to any driver they deem unfit to drive, any passengers or any club/organisation that abuse either BCT drivers or other members of the public or for any reason that may bring BCT into disrepute.

19. Vehicles hirers are responsible for vehicle and passenger recovery in the event of a breakdown/accident where the vehicle is taken off mainland UK ie Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands etc. Vehicles may NOT be driven in Europe (Insurance and D1 licence are not valid outside the UK) BCT will send recovery vehicle to assist passengers, however at the hirerís expense

20. All Vehicles are covered by RAC recovery and breakdown on mainland UK and can be contacted on 0844 774 3215 and should be contacted by driver in the event that they are unable to contact BCT


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