Basingstoke Community Transport's charter means to use our service you must first become an affiliated member

All this means really is you become a member of our club so to speak enabling you to use our services.

For just a non refundable 2.00 you can book one of our minibuses or cars whatever your needs may be 


Public transport may not suit your needs and our door to door service can take you anywhere on the UK mainland


"What's the difference to booking a taxi" you may say

Well for starters, you are only charged for the mileage you use and as the driver is a volunteer, you're not paying his wages.

Not all taxi companies will allow you to book months or even years in advance

"What if I need a bus?"

All of our minibuses are accessible and are fitted with either a tail-lift or ramp,

so if you have difficulty climbing stairs or you're in a wheelchair we will get you safely into the vehicle.

All of our drivers are MiDAS trained and are regularly assessed