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When considering your journey please gives us as much notice as possible as we do not have a pool of drivers sitting here waiting for your call.  We are not a taxi company, so if you call today for a journey for today then please do not get offended if we say we cannot accommodate your trip and a late booking for a trip tomorrow may also be difficult for us to arrange for you too.

We do not have a set time of day to call but the office is always manned between 8am and 3pm and if we do not answer your call it means we are likely to be dealing with another member so please either leave a message or call back a little later

You can book your journey months in advance but please do not leave it to the last minute to cancel it should you need to do so, because we may have already arrange a driver and your allocated time slot could have been used by another member who may have had to be turned away plus you may still be charged for the journey to cover our expenses

Should an occurrence happen that you are not satisfied with the service provided or have a general complaint about any aspect of Basingstoke Community Transport then please do get in contact.  We cannot improve the service we provide unless we know something is wrong that needs to be rectified.
In the first instance please call 01256 320501 and any member of staff will be happy to take your complaint.  The matter will be looked into and you will receive a call back from us after investigation and we will keep you updated as to what action we have taken to resolve your complaint