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On 25th May 2018 there was a big change to privacy laws in the UK.

The new General Data Protection Regulations gives you more control over how your personal information is used and make it quicker and easier for you to check and update the information we hold on you.

Basingstoke Community Transport DO NOT share you personal information with any other organisation, but should we need to, we would always seek your permission before doing so.

You can request to see and update the information held on you at any time during normal working hours or ask us to remove any information held on you



 A very big thank you to the staff at Linde Basingstoke for their generous donation from their raffle to Basingstoke Community Transport


Centerprise International take great pride in making a positive impact in the community.     Our thanks go to Rafi Razzak (Chairman), Jeremy Nash (CEO) and all the staff for their generosity in raising 1,000 towards the operation of community transport in Basingstoke


Many thanks to Tesco in Festival Place Basingstoke for the donation of office equipment including mobile phones to ensure the smooth running of our organisation


  Nov 2018

Many thanks to Julie and Martin of the Golden Lion public house in Basingstoke for their kind donations



  Feb 2019

Once again Julie and Martin of the Golden Lion public house in Basingstoke and their customers have dug deep into their pockets and made another generous donation in support of their community transport